Kryptons Roadmap

Now that Kryptons Crowd Funding Campaign has ended, what lies ahead? is a question Im asked again and again.

Rather than answering each question individually via Facebook, Twitter or coin forum, Krypton has created a Trello page.

Trello is a project management tool that allows anyone to view tasks being worked on and to easily identify the progress of each task.

We at Krypton like to call our Trello page a working page, though some people in crypto will be more familiar with the term Roadmap.

Kryptons working page is available for anyone to view so, please drop by. Take a look at what were working on.

While youre there, if you see a task or job that could utilize your special talents, please contact us.

Ours is a busy road ahead but, our working group is growing every day. Come see what over a dozen people are building at Krypton.


Founder & Project Manager

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