Kryptons Roadmap

Now that Kryptons Crowd Funding Campaign has ended, what lies ahead? is a question Im asked again and again.

Rather than answering each question individually via Facebook, Twitter or coin forum, Krypton has created a Trello page.

Trello is a project management tool that allows anyone to view tasks being worked on and to easily identify the progress of each task.

We at Krypton like to call our Trello page a working page, though some people in crypto will be more familiar with the term Roadmap.

Kryptons working page is available for anyone to view so, please drop by. Take a look at what were working on.

While youre there, if you see a task or job that could utilize your special talents, please contact us.

Ours is a busy road ahead but, our working group is growing every day. Come see what over a dozen people are building at Krypton.


Founder & Project Manager

Krypton Wants to Become A Faster Ethereum

Ethereum has brought us tools like Smart Contract, Dapp and DAO creation, deployment, and management. We can easily pay someone without ever hitting the send button, access decentralized applications that cannot be censored or shut down and we can be part of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

Mistakes were made, bugs were found, and recently, millions were lost. Some are calling The DAO hack the most expensive bug bounty ever held, but whoever said this certainly didn’t have his Ether invested in The DAO, as the situation regarding the seizure of the stolen funds doesn’t seem to be improving.

The DAO happened, it failed, all we can do now is move on and learn from our mistakes. The problem is that if we keep learning from $50m errors, we’ll be the wisest and poorest people on the planet.

That’s why it’s good to have training wheels sometimes. Ethereum is the perfect playground for skilled developers, but with its 700% value increase since creation, it has made Solidity, one of the programming languages in Ethereum, a very expensive toy.

That’s why Krypton has launched an open invitation to all developers to poke around the Krypton blockchain and see what it has to offer.

Krypton (KR) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that allows users all the same features and perks (Smart Contracts, Dapps, DAOs, DACs) but for a lower “price.” Ethereum transaction fees, which are known as “Gas” are spent according to computational costs, which means that the higher the price of Ether, the higher those costs will be.

covertress, the Krypton founder, and project manager said:

All of this means that developers have a testbed for smart contracts and Dapps, which are less expensive to deploy in the KR blockchain, before moving on to a more mainstream environment like Ethereum. Krypton can now be considered as a “gateway” into Ethereum.

The team isn’t planning to stay humble forever but will, however, take their time before deploying anything and becoming a direct competitor to Ethereum, allowing them to tighten up security and functionality before moving on to providing smart contracts and Dapp solutions for companies.

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This article was originally written by Eduardo Gómez and appeared in The Merkle. permalink It was reprinted with the kind permission of The Merkle.

Krypton To Hire Core Developer

Starting up any business is no easy task. It’s even harder to do in the tech sector, as a volunteer project. Though there is much enthusiasm now for the emerging technology of blockchains, there remain few developers capable of coding these distributed ledger platforms and even fewer willing to volunteer their time with no immediate promise of compensation.

IIt has been Krypton’s future plan to seek blockchain developers from among the universities in the IC3 program, recipients of a grant to study cryptography from the National Science Foundation. Krypton will be competing with the likes of Google and Apple for these best-of-the-best computer science graduates but, for this Krypton must await an initial round of VC funding.

As a volunteer project, Krypton has created a public blockchain, KR, based on a copy of Ethereum’s open source code. This blockchain has been running live since February 2016, until a novel type of 51% attack was discovered and executed against the KR chain by malicious hackers.

At the present time, trading of the coin associated with the KR chain has been temporarily suspended until a code fix can be programmed and tested. This will be no simple task. To accomplish this will require the very specific knowledge of an Ethereum core developer experienced with Go language.

To date, the Krypton KR chain has been created by one core developer, Krypton-Dev. This he has done, without pay, for his love of crypto and also for the hope that someday, his KR tokens might become a more valuably tradable commodity than they already are.

Unfortunately, when Krypton most needs the special programming talents of Krypton-Dev, his real-life work is too demanding to devote the time that will be involved in coding this fix.

It is for this reason that Krypton-Dev coded an alternative blockchain, one impervious to this Ethereum-chain-specific type of attack, to enable the KR coin to keep trading. Krypton planned to move the KR token to this new blockchain as a temporary measure until the Krypton chain could be hardened to withstand further attacks.

Krypton was in the process of discussing this move with the exchange where KR is traded, Bittrex Exchange, until Krypton received a timely solution. Prof. Emin Gun Sirer, computer science at Cornell University, has met with Krypton’s founder,Stephanie Kent and has proposed a possible fix.

Now, with it’s sole core developer busy, Krypton is looking to hire another core developer to implement this fix. The Krypton community has been asked to contribute to a development fund in order to offer compensation to this developer.

Krypton Development Fund (BTC) 12pWLhz1cYmFPaKSBF5Pui5YddJS1jsxsz

Krypton Development Fund (KR) 0x2529e0018a17dcc067f536d1cd3e1fd9af066099

In addition, Krypton’s founder will be donating an undisclosed amount of her own KR coins to fund this project.

If Krypton cannot find and code a timely solution, there will be no other choice but to temporarily move KR tokens away from the current Ethereum-based blockchain to a more secure Bitcoin-based one.

Krypton remains committed to providing the distributed technology products of smart contracts, dApps, DACs and DAOs on the KR blockchain. This might not be possible in the short term, unless Krypton hires another top developer.

Candidate developers, please contact Stephanie Kent (@covertress) in Krypton’s Slack channel: http://Slack.Krypton.Rocks

Krypton Crowd Funding Campaign Schedule

The initial 10 million KR will be offered as a swap/CFC according to this schedule: THE swap/CFC HAS ENDED.

  • Week one: [ENDED 24-Feb-2016] Release week, no distribution, KR can only be mined.
  • Week two: [ENDED 2-Mar-2016] 4 Million KR will be offered to be swapped for GAIA at a ratio of 5:1 (5 GAIA for each KR) Results: 9,725,400 GAIA were swapped for 1,945,080 KR. Details:
  • Week three: [ENDED 10-Mar-2016] KR will be offered for sale at 6000 SATS per coin in BTC only.
  • Week four: [ENDED 16-March-2016, 21:00 GMT] KR will be offered for sale at 8000 SATS or for swap with GAIA at a swap ratio of 8:1 (8 GAIA for each KR) Buy $KR Here: KR SALE HAS ENDED.
  • At the end of week four all remaining KR and swapped Gaia were burned. Details:
  • GAIA will remain on exchanges, KR is not intended to end the GAIA chain.
  • Covertress will manage and promote Krypton. KR will follow an independent development route.
  • The second GAIA/KR swap [week 4] will be performed manually. Details posted below.
  • GAIA will be swapped at a ratio of 8:1 (8 GAIA for each KR)
  • GAIA will be valued at 1000 satoshis for the swap (no matter its trading price.)

The Gaia swap to KR will take place using email:- To initiate a swap send an email to with the subject “Gaia Swap” and your email address, amount of Gaia you want to trade for KR, in the body. * minimum amount is 1000 Gaia and entire amount must be multiple of 1000 Ex: 2000, 3000, 4000, … 34000 etc… * do not initiate more than one swap request per email address, that will corrupt your data on our trade sheet.- Once you have initiated the request, you will be sent a Gaia address to send your gaia coins.- When your Gaia TX confirms we will add a record to our exchange sheet.- All swapped or sold KR will be sent after the swap/cfc ends. * You will be contacted by email to provide a KR address at that time.- All swap email requests received before 5PM EDT – 21:00 GMT on Wednesday March 16, 2016 will be honored.Thank You– RagingBull Blockchain Administrator

Frequently answered questions:

The KR CFC/Swap ends on 16-March-2016 at 21:00 GMT.

KR swapped for or purchased will be issued on 17-March-2016.


Krypton Crowd Funding Campaign Results

I am pleased to announce the results of Kryptons CFC. We accomplished a lot in four short weeks.

Krypton was launched on 18-February-2016.

GUI wallets for Windows, Mac and self-compile were released.

Solo-mining $KR began on day one and was the only was to obtain Krypton while we monitored the chain and verified its stability.

Suprnova mining pools launched a $KR pool that evening.

The Krypton.Rocks website, providing news, coin specs and relevant links, was brought online.

Yobit Exchange enabled $KR trading.

Then began the first of two swaps, GAIAcoin for Krypton. Results: 9,725,400 $GAIA were swapped for 1,945,080 $KR. Swapped GAIAcoin were burned, reducing GAIAs total available coins by 39%.

An irc channel, #Kryptoncoin, was activated to provide live support and up-to-the-minute news. A Krypton Community Facebook page was created and, of course, @covertress on Twitter continued to tweet all things Krypton.

Initial sales of $KR at 6,000 satoshis were light. Results: 1.18 BTC sold. This was expected, as there was one final GAIAcoin to Krypton swap coming the following week. Results: 5,352,935 $GAIA were swapped for 669,116 $KR. Again, swapped GAIAcoin were burned, reducing GAIAs outstanding coin total to 9,763,094.

Swaps finished, the final week of Kryptons CFC was devoted purely to $KR sales, at 8,000 satoshis. Results: 2.76615822 BTC sold, bringing total CFC BTC sales of $KR to 3.946615822.

Remaining $KR from the initial 10 million offered in the CFC were burned today! 7,331,000 $KR Burned.

Krypton created by swaps, purchases and mining now total ~ 2.669 million $KR.

Thank you, everyone who participated in Kryptons CFC. Were off to a great start.

The coming weeks will be just as action-packed, I assure you. Krypton is being submitted to major exchanges and our first blockchain trade show, Consensus 2016, is just around the corner, May 2-4.

Stay tuned to our website, Krypton.Rocks for news and developments.

Welcome to Krypton!


Founder & Project Manager

Krypton Corp Names Advisors

Good evening, Krypton Community!

I know those of you in Kryptons Slack have been eagerly awaiting the news I have to share this evening, so without further ado, here it is:

Ive had the very great pleasure of working with some truly fantastic people lately those whom Id like to publicly name as future Krypton Corp advisors.

As Im still awaiting official approval from 4 of the 7 on my list, I will instead just name tonight the 3 who have agreed so far to be listed publicly and have their photo (or image! lol) displayed on Kryptons website along with the title, advisor.

These approved advisors are:

Karl A. Johannesson, Management Consultant to many including the University of Luxembourg

• Senior Management Consultant for CEOs and/or top management of large-, mid-sized corporations, universities as well as start-up businesses. Investment Advisor for growth businesses and Investor (early stage).

• Specialities: FinTech, Innovation Strategies, Growth Strategies, Start-up Mentoring, Corporate Finance, Fund Raising, M&A, Investment Offers, Science and Technology Commercialization, Corporate Creativity Programs and Brand building strategies.

• Experience: Management consultancy rainmaker and team leader on longer term engagements for >100 blue-chip clients. Examples: Ericsson, Oracle, Google, Samsung, Nokia, Deutsche Telekom, GTE, Hughes Aircraft, Naspers, Kinnevik, British Telecom, Huawei, MTS, Mitsui Yandex, Rambler, Qualcomm, SK Telecom, Beeline, EIB, Systema, European Commission, Matra, OPIC, Alcatel, Sumitomo, SvyazInvest, TeliaSonera, Tele2, AT&T, Unisource, SES ASTRA, SAP to name a few. Some of these projects are described below as positions.

• Led >25 larger government projects with focus on telecom regulation, finance, ICT strategies, IPR, R&D, S&T, innovation ecosystems, commercialization and Technopark master plans.

• Founded several successful start-ups, including first mobile e-commerce site in Russia growing to market leader (successful exit after 3 years). Have acted as VC investor and/or M&A advisory and fundraiser on transactions ranging from $50K to $200MLN. I worked for longer periods in 30+ countries and lived and worked for 2-6 years in 7 countries.

• Created value in more than 30 early stage ventures, several growing to $ billion businesses, through CEO mentoring, board level participation, direct investment and/or fund raising and strategic advisory support.
Catherine Hebert, CFO and HR Consultant

• Over 28 years experience in Senior Management & Controller in high tech, hospitality, real estate, sales
• International Experience in Ireland and Preliminary expansion to China
• Over 20 years experience in customer service/relations
• Performance analysis, FP&A budgeting, Financial modeling, Strategic planning, Variance analysis, Trend analysis, Cash flow, Cost management, Evaluation of acquisitions
• Hands On Controller – Reconciliation of accounts to include Banks, PayPal & Credit Card, General Ledger account reconciliations, Corporate reporting, Commission Calculations, Affiliate payment reconciliations, Administer Instructor Royalty Pool, Development and administration of bonus schedules and incentive compensation, What if analysis for new product development, Evaluation of capital purchases
• Create and implement accounting procedures
• Financial management
• HR onboarding, benefits, accrual of time & offboarding
• Interface with IT department for reporting of information to optimize protocols & troubleshoot issues
• Self-starter with strong work ethic, communication and analytical skills
• Hired, managed, and supervised teams
• Agile/Scrum Foundations Workshop, Administering and Accepting Feedback Training, How to Work with Difficult People, HR-certified harassment training

and last, but by no means least

Dr. Steven L. Siegel, Board of Advisors to many in Investment Banking

My resume reads like “War and Peace”. My strengths include growing a company from $1 million to $800 million in three years. I have been first chair for over one hundred mergers and acquisitions of public and privately held domestic and international companies valued between $1.5 million and $110 million. My track record of successes, provides your company with the kind of innovative thinking that has justified publication. I bring a valuable list of contacts for strategic partnerships with companies and governments around the globe. I am an avid reader of the Economist, Financial Times, TechCrunch, Tech Asia and Deal Asia.

During my 25+ year international career you will notice I have 10+ years as an investment banker (corporate finance, international business development, infrastructure, strategic planning, ecommerce, mergers and acquisitions) and another 15+ years at the C level, i.e. CFO or COO of public and private companies. While at these positions either as a C level, Investment Banker or as a Consultant, the goal was always the same to help the company be more efficient, cost conscious and revenue focused. These goals included assembling and managing teams of employees, streamlining operations, business development, vendor negotiations for better terms, negotiating on transactions or with banks for better credit facilities.

During my career I have been fortunate enough to work in several different spaces, ranging from ecommerce, online education, textiles, manufacturing, entertainment, banking, real estate and government. In my dealings within each of these spaces, I provided board level management with advice on the financial implications of business activities, credibility by producing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends, forecasts, consolidated financials, recommendations to strategically enhance financial performance, operations and global business development opportunities for top line growth.
Specialties: Taking a company from $1million to $800 million in revenue in three years. Held first chair responsibilities for over 100 mergers and acquisitions of public and privately held domestic and international organizations. Involved in IPO’s and private placements. Proven track record of successes, provide companies with the kind of innovative thinking that has justified publication and will bring with them valuable contacts for strategic partnerships with companies around the globe.


Four more amazing people to be named soon!

When I said I was building a first-class, multi-national corporation you didnt think I was kidding, did you? 😉

Krypton Corp will rock!

Im glad that you in the Krypton Community are already aboard. Now, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Stephanie Kent,

Founder Krypton, KR

Krypton Abandons Ethereum-Based Blockchain After 51% Attack

Stephanie Kent, Krypton’s founder, working from a convenience store after having lost power in her home due to the Florida hurricane, Hermine.

The world of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and altcoins, is a strange place, often likened to the Wild West. It is so well-populated by the anonymous, that it becomes easy to forget that there is a real person on the other side of that userid, handle or avatar; that, when things go terribly wrong, for example, real people are being hurt, their very real investments, sometimes including businesses, are being destroyed.

I know this world firsthand. For the past two years, I myself, have lived amongst its denizens as an anonymous actor, hiding behind a pseudonym to protect my own identity, as should be the privilege of every citizen to do if they wish. It is only now, when I have decided to take my altcoin project, Krypton, into the light of “the real world,” have I come forward with my name and my desire to grow my project into a real company.

My lead developer, Krypton-Dev, remains anonymous. I have known him and yet not known him for over two years now. Ironically, he is one of my best friends and the person whom I trust the most, by often placing the entire success or failure of Krypton in his very capable hands.

Just two days ago, I did this very thing, trust this anonymous friend with not only my business and entire life savings (don’t get me started about using personal funds to found a startup!) but, also with the investments of everyone holding Krypton’s blockchain coin, KR.

The Krypton blockchain was attacked; hacked twice in the past week by an anonymous group calling themselves the “51 crew.” The Shift chain was also robbed. 51 crew employed a deadly blockchain exploit, only recently revealed by Ethereum, which allowed 51 crew to manufacture their own version of the KR chain offline and push that into production as the real KR chain by combining large amounts of hashing power and DDos attacks on KR nodes.

This exploit exists for all Ethereum-based blockchains coded in golang. Specifically, it most easily targets chains with overall low network hashing rates of 100GH/s or less. Krypton, Shift, Soil, and Expanse are all vulnerable. It might even be possible, by a large mining farm such as the one owned by Chandler Guo, to attack Ethereum Classic in this manner.

Lacking the network hashing power provided by a vast number of coin miners, there seems to be no way to defend against this exploit. At least, we at Krypton, have not yet found a solution.

It is for this reason, Krypton has decided on the following temporary course of action in order to protect KR from being stolen from exchanges through a double spend: Krypton is moving KR from an Ethereum-based proof-of-work blockchain to a Bitcoin-based proof-of-stake blockchain.

In a single sleepless night, Krypton-Dev coded this POS blockchain and Windows and Mac wallets for KR to be moved to. Can you understand why I trust this man with my business and KR holder’s investments? My admiration for his tireless dedication to Krypton knows no bounds.

Instead of giving up, Krypton is fighting back, in the only way we know how: fall back, regroup and survive to fight another day.

The two coin exchanges where KR trades, Bittrex and Yobit, have been contacted regarding Krypton’s upcoming coin swap. Because Krypton is moving to an entirely different protocol, we cannot make this fix an easy upgrade and therefore must digitally swap KR on the old chain for KR on the new one.

Bittrex Exchange will be performing a swap of KR currently on their exchange.

Krypton has not yet heard from Yobit regarding Krypton’s request for a coin swap.

KR held offline, in individual Krypton wallets, will be swapped manually by Krypton.

Complete instructions for the manual swap and also for installing the new KR wallets will be provided soon and posted on the Krypton website: http://Krypton.Rocks

Unfortunately, since Krypton’s blockchain KR launched with very little interest, Krypton does not have a pool of development funds to draw from in order to pay even the small exchange fees necessary for these swaps. Krypton remains a grassroots, community-driven project until the time I can secure Tier 1 financing to startup the two structures I have planned for Krypton’s future: Krypton Foundation (to guide and support the KR blockchain) and Krypton Corp (a software as a service and software development corporation.)

So, with a heavy heart, I ask the Krypton Community, to please, open your wallets and help us all to move forward from this attack. 21,465 KR were stolen. 1.5 BTC is required by Bittrex to execute the swap.

Krypton Development Fund (BTC) 12pWLhz1cYmFPaKSBF5Pui5YddJS1jsxsz

I am not the only person with a sizeable investment in KR and I am now nowhere near the top holder, having solely repaid the theft from Bittrex, valued at $2,900. I expect every community member’s voluntary contribution to help amend this theft and move forward.

Know this: Krypton is more than just a blockchain or another cryptocurrency. We will survive these attacks, even if it means staying on the POS chain, in order to protect KR investments, until we do the complete rewrite of our client platform in a more secure language, like C. This Ethereum-like rewrite remains one of our longer-term goals, as is coding a new programming language to replace Solidity.

In addition, there are many short-term goals that Krypton are still working on now. Watch our Trello board for updates.

Within the next two weeks, I will be in Shanghai China, at the International Blockchain Week conference, meeting with future Krypton business partners, investors and Chinese coin exchanges. I expect to make the same types of professional associations that I did while I was in Canada, speaking at FinTech Toronto, hosted by the Digital Finance Institute.

I am continuing to solicit financing to make all of Krypton’s plans a reality. When I can move KR forward from this exploit, and have it trading again, I will have time once more to reach out to the potential Krypton business partners and investors I have already made first contact with.

The good news in all of this is that Krypton’s newest partner, the SnT FinTech Lab at the University of Luxembourg will now have two KR chains to experiment with. I expect them to have much more fun breaking code on one of them.

In conclusion, my sincere wishes:

The Florida hurricane, Hermine, which directly hit my home two days ago and filled the lower level of my house with three feet of seawater did not cause as much damage as the 51 crew has done to both Krypton and Shift investors. It is my hope that other vulnerable blockchains take note and immediate precautions against a similar attack.

Real lives. Real jobs. Real investments. The world of crypto has just become all too real.


Today, Krypton believes a solution to these novel types of 51% attacks has been found.

If after coding and testing, this proves to be a viable fix, Krypton will be able to remain an Ethereum-based blockchain. Krypton is delaying the swap to a Bitcoin-based POS blockchain while we work with this solution.

Id like to thank Professor Emin Gün Sirer of Cornell University, for his guidance in this matter and also for his support of Krypton.

Read more about this fix from Rocky at Crypto Hustle:


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Canadas National FinTech Conference The 2nd Annual #FinTechTO

FinTech continues to disrupt banking, lending, payments and finance. Canada is emerging as a FinTech hub with startups attracting sizable investments. TheDigital Finance Institute, Canadas prestigious FinTech think tank, is proud to support the development of FinTech in Canada with #FinTechTO. Join us for a day of engaging discussion and insight from many of the worlds leaders in FinTech.

I will be speaking on the panel discussing Blockchain Innovation – Using Distributed Ledger Tech & Smart Contracts for Businesses and Banks … and a little LawTech.

This session features perspectives on the the evolution of Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers, smart contracts with three of the lawyers who were early legal entrants in the space of Bitcoin and the Blockchain, Patrick Murck (Harvard University), Reuben Grinberg (Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP) and Christine Duhaime (Digital Finance Institute), as well as Stephanie Kent, the Founder of the distributed ledger tech company Krypton.

Intended to be very practical and futuristic at the same time, this discussion will inform attendees on how distributed ledger technology is transforming financial services and other services and will arm attendees with a roadmap for where the tech is headed.

Also part of the discussion will be legal issues that are relevant and impact the development of the technology and finally, will end with a discussion on the application of distributed ledger technology for law firms (LawTech).