Krypton Corp Names Advisors

Good evening, Krypton Community!

I know those of you in Krypton’s Slack have been eagerly awaiting the news I have to share this evening, so without further ado, here it is:

I’ve had the very great pleasure of working with some truly fantastic people lately… those whom I’d like to publicly name as future Krypton Corp advisors.

As I’m still awaiting official approval from 4 of the 7 on my list, I will instead just name tonight the 3 who have agreed so far to be listed publicly and have their photo (or image! lol) displayed on Krypton’s website along with the title, “advisor.”

These approved advisors are:

Karl A. Johannesson, Management Consultant to many including the University of Luxembourg

• Senior Management Consultant for CEOs and/or top management of large-, mid-sized corporations, universities as well as start-up businesses. Investment Advisor for growth businesses and Investor (early stage).

• Specialities: FinTech, Innovation Strategies, Growth Strategies, Start-up Mentoring, Corporate Finance, Fund Raising, M&A, Investment Offers, Science and Technology Commercialization, Corporate Creativity Programs and Brand building strategies.

• Experience: Management consultancy rainmaker and team leader on longer term engagements for >100 blue-chip clients. Examples: Ericsson, Oracle, Google, Samsung, Nokia, Deutsche Telekom, GTE, Hughes Aircraft, Naspers, Kinnevik, British Telecom, Huawei, MTS, Mitsui Yandex, Rambler, Qualcomm, SK Telecom, Beeline, EIB, Systema, European Commission, Matra, OPIC, Alcatel, Sumitomo, SvyazInvest, TeliaSonera, Tele2, AT&T, Unisource, SES ASTRA, SAP to name a few. Some of these projects are described below as positions.

• Led >25 larger government projects with focus on telecom regulation, finance, ICT strategies, IPR, R&D, S&T, innovation ecosystems, commercialization and Technopark master plans.

• Founded several successful start-ups, including first mobile e-commerce site in Russia growing to market leader (successful exit after 3 years). Have acted as VC investor and/or M&A advisory and fundraiser on transactions ranging from $50K to $200MLN. I worked for longer periods in 30+ countries and lived and worked for 2-6 years in 7 countries.

• Created value in more than 30 early stage ventures, several growing to $ billion businesses, through CEO mentoring, board level participation, direct investment and/or fund raising and strategic advisory support.
Catherine Hebert, CFO and HR Consultant

• Over 28 years experience in Senior Management & Controller in high tech, hospitality, real estate, sales
• International Experience in Ireland and Preliminary expansion to China
• Over 20 years experience in customer service/relations
• Performance analysis, FP&A budgeting, Financial modeling, Strategic planning, Variance analysis, Trend analysis, Cash flow, Cost management, Evaluation of acquisitions
• Hands On Controller – Reconciliation of accounts to include Banks, PayPal & Credit Card, General Ledger account reconciliations, Corporate reporting, Commission Calculations, Affiliate payment reconciliations, Administer Instructor Royalty Pool, Development and administration of bonus schedules and incentive compensation, What if analysis for new product development, Evaluation of capital purchases
• Create and implement accounting procedures
• Financial management
• HR – onboarding, benefits, accrual of time & offboarding
• Interface with IT department for reporting of information to optimize protocols & troubleshoot issues
• Self-starter with strong work ethic, communication and analytical skills
• Hired, managed, and supervised teams
• Agile/Scrum Foundations Workshop, Administering and Accepting Feedback Training, How to Work with Difficult People, HR-certified harassment training

and last, but by no means least…

Dr. Steven L. Siegel, Board of Advisors to many in Investment Banking

My resume reads like “War and Peace”. My strengths include growing a company from $1 million to $800 million in three years. I have been first chair for over one hundred mergers and acquisitions of public and privately held domestic and international companies valued between $1.5 million and $110 million. My track record of successes, provides your company with the kind of innovative thinking that has justified publication. I bring a valuable list of contacts for strategic partnerships with companies and governments around the globe. I am an avid reader of the Economist, Financial Times, TechCrunch, Tech Asia and Deal Asia.

During my 25+ year international career you will notice I have 10+ years as an investment banker (corporate finance, international business development, infrastructure, strategic planning, ecommerce, mergers and acquisitions) and another 15+ years at the C level, i.e. CFO or COO of public and private companies. While at these positions either as a C level, Investment Banker or as a Consultant, the goal was always the same to help the company be more efficient, cost conscious and revenue focused. These goals included assembling and managing teams of employees, streamlining operations, business development, vendor negotiations for better terms, negotiating on transactions or with banks for better credit facilities.

During my career I have been fortunate enough to work in several different spaces, ranging from ecommerce, online education, textiles, manufacturing, entertainment, banking, real estate and government. In my dealings within each of these spaces, I provided board level management with advice on the financial implications of business activities, credibility by producing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends, forecasts, consolidated financials, recommendations to strategically enhance financial performance, operations and global business development opportunities for top line growth.
Specialties: Taking a company from $1million to $800 million in revenue in three years. Held first chair responsibilities for over 100 mergers and acquisitions of public and privately held domestic and international organizations. Involved in IPO’s and private placements. Proven track record of successes, provide companies with the kind of innovative thinking that has justified publication and will bring with them valuable contacts for strategic partnerships with companies around the globe.


Four more amazing people to be named soon!

When I said I was building a first-class, multi-national corporation you didn’t think I was kidding, did you?  😉

Krypton Corp will rock!

I’m glad that you in the Krypton Community are already aboard. Now, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Stephanie Kent,

Founder – Krypton, KR

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