How-To Miserably Fail the Krypton KR Swap

If there is the appearance of free money to be had, one could reasonably expect that there would be someone, somewhere with a grand plan to exploit that opportunity.

What I am about to relate, is one case from the ongoing Krypton KR digital currency swap.

Allow me to begin by stating the facts. There is not an opportunity here for free money. Opportunists will be caught.

First, a little backstory. The dunce’s email (in bold.)

admin —

(1) old KR account number: 4dc754aadd016d4d31c70e2172157a0928c5ad5a ✓

(2) old KR balance: 11372 kr ✓

(3) ATTACH “keystore” folder [attached zip file/no pw set] ✓

(4) old KR account password: none/not encrypted ✓

(5) new KR account number: KPQFiP3BwKfJh2xn3XcnfjLvDF2W7jSXDw ✓


Just to confirm, this is a 1:1 swap correct? thx

this weekend or next, my partner & I would like to write up a news artical about kr swap, to help spread the word – link to be sent once proof read and published

– do we require any special permission to use kr’s logos located at page?

– is there currently a deadline set for this swap?

– are there plans to resume kr eth-based trading later on? and will another swap be required?


I don’t fall for Nigerian scams and neither should you, if you have half a brain.

Here are the points of failure in this laughable attempt to defraud Krypton of 11,372 KR:

1. Pretend to be a reporter who wants to cover the KR swap story. Seriously? rofl

2. Misspell “artical” and “proof read.” xD

3. Create a KR address this morning at 10:27 AM and claim that it has 11,372 KR in it.

4. Attach your KR cryptographic key yet say that your account was created without a password. ROFL

5. Do not know a thing about the old Krypton Block Explorer, where it is found online, who hosts it or what information that it provides. The explorer balance for this account is 0 and no transactions have ever occured for this account. Surprise. /s

6. Do not know that KR is already trading again on Bittrex Exchange.

Must I go on?

So, … [and now, my bold type]

Dear newsman, Tony Schwartz, aka [email protected], cc: [email protected], guess what?

You are today’s news! ;P Thanks for the laughs and the great PR opportunity!

It’s too bad that you don’t have enough brains to use a calculator. By attempting to defraud Krypton of over $300, you might pick up a felony… if caught.*


Stephanie Kent

Founder Krypton, KR

* Federal courts say that digital currencies are “currency,” the IRS says they are “property” and the CFTC claims they are a “commodity.” This is a topic for another article. h/t digital currency attorney, Drew Hinkes.

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