Krypton Crowd Funding Campaign Schedule


The initial 10 million KR will be offered as a swap/CFC according to this schedule:  THE swap/CFC HAS ENDED.

  • Week one: [ENDED – 24-Feb-2016] Release week, no distribution, KR can only be mined. 
  • Week two: [ENDED 2-Mar-2016] 4 Million KR will be offered to be swapped for GAIA at a ratio of 5:1 (5 GAIA for each KR) Results: 9,725,400 GAIA were swapped for 1,945,080 KR. Details:
  • Week three: [ENDED 10-Mar-2016] KR will be offered for sale at 6000 SATS per coin in BTC only.
  • Week four: [ENDED 16-March-2016, 21:00 GMT] KR will be offered for sale at 8000 SATS or for swap with GAIA at a swap ratio of 8:1 (8 GAIA for each KR)  Buy $KR Here:  KR SALE HAS ENDED.
  • At the end of week four all remaining KR and swapped Gaia were burned. Details:
  • GAIA will remain on exchanges, KR is not intended to end the GAIA chain.
  • Covertress will manage and promote Krypton. KR will follow an independent development route.
  • The second GAIA/KR swap [week 4] will be performed manually. Details posted below.

  • GAIA will be swapped at a ratio of 8:1 (8 GAIA for each KR)
  • GAIA will be valued at 1000 satoshis for the swap (no matter it’s trading price.)
The Gaia swap to KR will take place using email:

- To initiate a swap send an email to  with the subject "Gaia Swap" and your email address, amount of Gaia you want to trade for KR, in the body.

  * minimum amount is 1000 Gaia and entire amount must be multiple of 1000 Ex: 2000, 3000, 4000, ... 34000 etc...

  * do not initiate more than one swap request per email address, that will corrupt your data on our trade sheet.

- Once you have initiated the request, you will be sent a Gaia address to send your gaia coins.

- When your Gaia TX confirms we will add a record to our exchange sheet.

- All swapped or sold KR will be sent after the swap/cfc ends.

  * You will be contacted by email to provide a KR address at that time.

- All swap email requests received before 5PM EDT - 21:00 GMT on Wednesday March 16, 2016 will be honored.

Thank You

-- RagingBull
Blockchain Administrator

Frequently answered questions:

The KR CFC/Swap ends on 16-March-2016 at 21:00 GMT.

KR swapped for or purchased will be issued on 17-March-2016.