Krypton $KR Sale


Krypton, ticker $KR,... SALE HAS ENDED.

The sales price of 8,000 satoshis per $KR is good through 16-March-2016.*

- To initiate a purchase, send an email to  with the subject "Buy Krypton." 

- Once you have initiated the request, you will be sent a BTC address to fund.

- When your BTC TX confirms we will add a record to our exchange sheet and send a confirmation email.

- Your $KR will be sent on 17-March-2016, per the terms of the Krypton CFC.*

- All $KR purchase requests received before 5PM EDT - 21:00 GMT on Thursday March 16, 2016 will be honored at the 8,000 $KR price.

Thank You


Krypton, Project Manager

*see CFC Schedule for details: