Krypton Crowd Funding Campaign Results

I am pleased to announce the results of Krypton’s CFC. We accomplished a lot in four short weeks.

Krypton was launched on 18-February-2016.

GUI wallets for Windows, Mac and self-compile were released.

Solo-mining $KR began on day one and was the only was to obtain Krypton while we monitored the chain and verified it’s stability.

Suprnova mining pools launched a $KR pool that evening.

The Krypton.Rocks website, providing news, coin specs and relevant links, was brought online.

Yobit Exchange enabled $KR trading.

Then began the first of two swaps, GAIAcoin for Krypton. Results: 9,725,400 $GAIA were swapped for 1,945,080 $KR. Swapped GAIAcoin were burned, reducing GAIA’s total available coins by 39%.

An irc channel, #Kryptoncoin, was activated to provide live support and up-to-the-minute news. A Krypton Community Facebook page was created and, of course, @covertress on Twitter continued to tweet all things Krypton.

Initial sales of $KR at 6,000 satoshis were light. Results: 1.18 BTC sold. This was expected, as there was one final GAIAcoin to Krypton swap coming the following week. Results: 5,352,935 $GAIA were swapped for 669,116 $KR. Again, swapped GAIAcoin were burned, reducing GAIA’s outstanding coin total to 9,763,094.

Swaps finished, the final week of Krypton’s CFC was devoted purely to $KR sales, at 8,000 satoshis. Results: 2.76615822 BTC sold, bringing total CFC BTC sales of $KR to 3.946615822.

Remaining $KR from the initial 10 million offered in the CFC were burned today! 7,331,000 $KR Burned.

Krypton created by swaps, purchases and mining now total ~ 2.669 million $KR.

Thank you, everyone who participated in Krypton’s CFC. We’re off to a great start.

The coming weeks will be just as action-packed, I assure you. Krypton is being submitted to major exchanges and our first blockchain trade show, Consensus 2016, is just around the corner, May 2-4.

Stay tuned to our website, Krypton.Rocks for news and developments.

Welcome to Krypton!

— covertress

Founder & Project Manager