How to place a node on Krypton’s Network Stats page:
1. install nodejs v0.12 and higher and npm
2. sync fully the KR blockchain in gkr
3. clone repository: git clone api
4. cd api and revert changes to older api version since you using old source code in gkr i used
this commit: git reset –hard 95d595258239a0fdf56b97dedcfb2be62f6170e6
5. run npm install and sudo npm install -g pm2
6. modify app.json file with some editor
with these values
“NODE_ENV” : “production”,
“RPC_HOST” : “”,
“RPC_PORT” : “8888”,
“LISTENING_PORT” : “17171”,
“INSTANCE_NAME” : “Krypton”,
“CONTACT_DETAILS” : “[email protected]”,
“WS_SERVER” : “ws://”,
“WS_SECRET” : “KRnetstats69”,
of course change contact and instance name they cannot be same
7. save changes
8. run api with pm2 start app.json
9. pm2 list display your running processes and pm2 kill kill app